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I am humbled by the trust shown me by the membership being appointed Post Commander this Legion Year. I will do my very best to repay that trust. I take great pride in being a part of Post 100; we have accomplished much this past 13 years. The accolades on the north wall of the Post testify to that. They represent many hours of work and show the impact Post 100 has had in our community, and the respect we have earned. The steady attendance at our Friday morning breakfast, the friendly faces we see each week, testify to the same. We should all take pride in that.

I treasure the friends I have made these past years. I do not hesitate to say, the best folks I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

If I were to set a goal for this Legion Year, it would be to increase participation. We have 150 members on our roster, but only average about 25 at our General Meetings, and even less at special events. To those who are always there, I think you would agree with me, it is always more fun than work. The Post, as a body is made up of many members, and as a body works best with all members engaged. Sadly, and certainly not by design, we have developed a small core group that carries the burden of making the decisions to guide the Post.

To all in our membership, I invite you to join us. We need your participation, your ideas, constructive criticism, and encouragement. Our Post gets better every time someone steps up and gets involved.

For God and Country


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